The month of June is at the end of the show season and this co-incides with an open weekend at the Iris of Sissinghurst nursery. The open weekend is always a bit fraught because of the uncertainty about the number of tall bearded iris still in flower. The late start to summer did mean that a number of varieties were in flower slightly later than expected so hopefully those lovers of iris that come to the nursery were not too disappointed.

This month may see the end of the tall bearded iris in flower but it also means the start of the sibirica and spurias in flower. The sibirica and spurias at the nursery have looked particularly impressive this month although lots of watering probably assisted. Sibiricas and spurias should be more popular in gardens. The bigger nation wide nurseries are missing out on stocking and selling these plants.

Sue Marshall, owner of Iris of Sissinghurst was invited to a number of gardening societies in June to provide a talk on iris. The societies visited included Sandhurst, Faversham, Gravesend, Barming and Disham. These societies made Sue very welcome and it is hoped was enjoyed by those society members that attended.

There has been an increase in the number of requests for iris using the irises on line facility. This has included orders from within the EU. Iris plants can be sent to EU member states without too many problems and the postage and packaging costs are not expensive.

The weather this month in Kent has continued to have slightly above average day and night time temperatures but the relief of the occasional rainfall has not materialised. The watering of sibiricas and spurias by hand has been required throughout this month. Let us hope that the month of July has a better balance of summer weather. 

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