This is the busiest month of the year for the Iris of Sissinghurst nursery. The short bearded iris flowering is virtually over by the start of May ( with a few exceptions) and the Intermediate Iris is at its peak. This year the harsh winter and ever changing weather conditions over the last few weeks has affected the traditional patterns of blossom appearance on trees and shrubs as well as the iris. Those keen gardeners who planted seeds early were punished by very late frosts (our vegetable plants were lost to the frosts) and a few of our intermediate iris in the stock beds lost their top flowers to the night time cold.

The visits to Kent Horticultural Societies continued in the early part of the month. Sue Marshall the owner of Iris of Sissinghurst visited the Staplehurst Society and received a lovely reception. In addition Iris of Sissinghurst attended a  few plant fairs including Saltwood Castle and Lullingstone. Saltwood always organises a wonderful day out and Lady Clarke, the owner, always provides support and encouragement to the exhibitors. A charitable event at Buston Manor, Hunton on behalf of Gardening for the Disabled was also a pleasure to support.

The second half of the month of May is however dominated by the final preparation for the Chelsea flower SHow 2010.

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