Reblooming Irises

Some Iris flower as usual in early summer and then bloom again later in the year usually September/October.These Iris are called reblooming or remontant Iris.

Reblooming is not guaranteed every year and does seem to depend on both the variety of Iris and the weather conditions.Some Iris seem more likely to rebloom than others.

We stock several remontant varieties at Iris of Sissinghurst.

Tall Bearded varieties

Best Bet – Wisteria blue standards,dark blue falls
Buckwheat – cream standards,yellow falls with brown markings, yellow beards
Champagne Elegance – cream standards,apricot Falls
Dutch Chocolate – brown red with bronze standards
Second Wind – white with pale blue beards
Victoria Falls – mid blue,white beard,small white spot on falls
St Petersburg – pure white

Siberian varieties

Atlantic Crossing – siberian iris with deep violet flowers
Kent Arrival – siberian iris with deep violet flowers

Border Bearded varieties

Loose Valley – yellow and brown flower
Medway Valley – purple and white flowers

Intermediate varieties

Ambersand – gold flowers
Bockingford – cream flowers
Snow Plum – pink and white flowers

This year we have had Buckwheat ,Second Wind and Victoria falls reblooming in Sept/Oct plus an intermediate bearded Iris Snow Plum.

These Iris need additional feeding after flowering to enable them to build up reserves to reflower the following season   

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