Happy New Year . The heavy and continuous periods of rain across the UK has made it very difficult to take advantage of the mild conditions for planting. The nursery would not recommend that you attempt to plant either bearded or non-bearded iris whilst the wet conditions prevail. Therefore for the next couple of weeks any orders that are received will not be dispatched until drier weather arrives. We will review the position in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime please have a look at some of the new varieties we have added to the range available for 2016. We have concentrated our time in the polytunnels during the last month. There has some signs of greenfly where old leaf exists to the bearded varieties. This is because we have not experienced the winter frosts that would normally tackle any greenfly over the winter. We remove the old leaves and then spray with soapy water (NOT chemicals) and just keep a carefuly watch for any signs of remaining greenfly.Lets hope that the wet conditions stop and we revert to a drier, albeit colder, mid winter.